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Google Panda 3.8 Live: June 25th & Refresh Only
Google has officially confirmed on Twitter that they pushed out a refresh of the Panda update. This one would be labelled version 3.8. It was only a refresh, meaning, Google did not make any algorithm signal updates. All they did was rerun the Panda algorithm to run through the index and release or capture sites that deserve, according to them, to be hit by the Panda algorithm.

Now, despite the fluctuations we noticed over the weekend Google said this Panda refresh did not start until yesterday and it did not start over the weekend.

Google Panda recommends the below :

  1. Stop targeting sidebar text links
  2. Reduce reliance on low-quality, non-specific directories
  3. Increase focus on industry-specific directories
  4. Increase focus on quality of referring sites
  5. Increase focus on editorial links (in-content)
  6. Increase focus on blogger engagement
Panda dislikes the followings

  1. Links from unrelated sites/sites linking to unrelated content
  2. Links from ‘splogs’ – spam blogs set up purely for SEO purposes
  3. Links from low-quality directories
  4. Links from sites with poor-quality content (including spun content)
  5. Links from sites that were blatantly selling links

Toprankmaker : Software Development

There is an overabundance of software applications freely available on the web intended for servicing the business community, but one-size doesn't fit all. So if you've had a look around and nothing fits, it might be time to try something a little more custom-made - a software solution that's unique to you, your business, and your objectives.

As per your requirements and budget, we will develop the most favorable software solution - from GUI applications to sophisticated engines and programming complexes. We use the best, most popular and advanced Internet-related technologies that are best for the project from a technical and financial standpoint. Our team includes experts in PHP, Programming, Script, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, MySql.

We are dealing with software development in the field of :
  • Hospital Management

  • Travel Management

  • Hotel Management

  • Vehicle Management

  • School Management

  • Warehouse Management

  • Rice Mill Management

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  • Tent House Management

  • Banking automation

  • Office Automation Software

  • library management

  • Institute Management

  • Business Automation

  • Payroll System Software

  • ERP Packages

  • Billing Inventory Software

  • Barcode Generation Software for Shopping Malls

  • medical reporting

  • pathology reporting

  • MLM Packages

  • CMS (Integration of payment gate ways)

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